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Future Pirates Invade SLV Health's Labor & Delivery

Monte Vista School District Superintendent Scott Wiedeman and Early Ed Director Stacey Plane stopped by the SLV Health’s RMC’s Labor and Delivery Unit to deliver gift bags and onesies to welcome new arrivals as future Pirates. Accepting the gift bags is Nurse Manager Jennifer Walker. “These donations are welcomed by the new parents and are much appreciated,” commented Walker. The opening of the Monte Vista Early Education Learning Center next year will offer learning opportunities for children from birth to 3 years old. It's going to be a wonderful asset to our community. Stacey's vision of welcoming Future Pirates to our community was made possible by the Bullying Prevention Education Grant through CDE. The grant aims to make strong relationships within the community to increase climate and culture efforts within Monte Vista Schools to allow for a safe, caring environment for all students and staff.