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SLV Health Celebrates Graduating Nursing Students

March 2, 2023 – 24 nursing students were celebrated at the SLV Health Nurse Graduation Celebration dinner.

Kelly Bleakney, one of SLV’s experienced nurses opened the evening and gave the nursing students some advice that she wished she had before she went into the workforce as a nurse. She told her story of first becoming and working as an LPN for years, and finally working as an RN and then becoming a nurse practitioner. Bleakney gathered advice from other nurses at SLV Health and shared to all the graduating students.

Clint Sowards, DO, one of SLV Health’s primary care providers, spoke on the importance of providers having a symbiotic relationship with their nurses. He spoke on the effects of opening your eyes, opening your mouth, and opening your arms.

A stethoscope case filled with medical supplies was given to each nursing student. SLV Health is proud of the hard work these students have done and wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors as nurses.

Graduating students from Trinidad State University: Megan Cerny, Emily Crowder, Tanner Frischka, Joshua Kanen, Aaron Marquez, Ashley Okeke, Mark Patermoster, Brent Place, Isabel Rosenberg, and William Werner.

Graduating students from Adams State University: Abby Corona, David Corvera, Mitchell Deckert, Rachael Ellis, Zalweski Elzbieta, Haleigh Galvan, Laura Heredia, Brooklyn Hogan, Alexia Lopez, Amy Lopez, Maria Montoya, Reina Paredes, Lexi Sanchez, and Natalie Thral.