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Escheman wins DAISY Nursing Award


Photo Above: Taylor adds her name to the banner that will be displayed in the ED where she works until the next recipient is announced.  Handing off the banner is Amy Oaks, RN, Cancer Center, who received the award several months ago.

Taylor Escheman, RN, SLV Health, works alongside a great team of caregivers in the Emergency Department at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa, taking care of some of the most critical and vulnerable patients. Some days are chaotic with multiple traumas and some nights are slower, with fewer patients. A recent patient’s close friend nominated Taylor to receive the DAISY award, for nursing excellence.
“Tonight I almost lost a dear friend due to an overdose. Taylor provided exceptional care even though the ER was completely full! She took her time and made absolutely certain that my dear one fully understood her discharge instructions.
I want to thank the entire staff! The care we received was prompt, professional, and loving. It’s my opinion that Miss Taylor went above and beyond her call of duty! Taking time to tend to every need and being not only extremely thorough but also upbeat! Thank you SO much!”

with monica
Taylor is the third recipient of the DAISY award at SLV Health. Her supervisor, Monica Hinds, and SLVH’s CNO, Roberta Bean, both agreed that Taylor was well deserving of this award, which brings national recognition.
SLVH hosted a reception where her family (see pictures below) and co-workers attended to celebrate with Taylor. Her supervisor, Monica Hinds, commented to her, “Taylor, you are so deserving of this recognition. I hear positive comments from patients all the time.”

Why DAISY? Patrick Barnes woke up with some blood blisters in his mouth. A visit to the doctor revealed he had a dangerously low platelet count and he was admitted to the hospital. The diagnosis was the auto-immune disease ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura). The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died from complications of the autoimmune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) at the age of 33. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem. The family wanted to recognize the nurses for providing extraordinary care to their loved ones.
Who can recommend an excellent nurse? Patients, family members of patients, co-workers, and visitors to SLV Health are all welcome to recognize a nurse for their outstanding care. Click here for a link to recommend a nurse at SLV Health for the DAISY award.
Which credentials qualify for a DAISY nomination? Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Certified Nurse Mid-Wife (CNM), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).
Please visit to read about SLVH’s other recipients, submit an application, or learn more.