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Years of Service Event Marks All Time Records

Sherri and Zina

Sharon Langford (Ultrasound) & Zina Horton (Emergency) Celebrate 40 YOS!

The SLV Health annual Years of Service banquets were held at Adams State University, with the 5-year celebrants treated to lunch and the 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, & 50 being invited to dinner with a guest. The senior team and board members along with directors and supervisors were also in attendance to mark the dedication and loyalty of these employees. Keynote speaker, Dr. David Tandberg, President of ASU, remarked on the resilience of all the workers, but especially those who were hired 5 years ago, in 2018-19, and then worked through one of the toughest, most challenging times in health care, and stuck with SLVH to be in service to patients of SLV Health. He mentioned the similar challenges that higher ed and healthcare face in “improving the lives of our community members” in a rural, often isolated, and under-resourced area. “This makes your and our work all the more important, because what we do really makes an impact, every day, on all of the lives we touch.”  He said that no matter how much SLVH improves technology, remodels, or adds new equipment, none of it compares to the people. "At every institution, the people are the real assets, and that is each of you who are being celebrated tonight."

Karla Hardesty, SLVH Board Chair, greeted the gathering by saying, "This is my favorite event of the year, because we get to celebrate you, and you are the backbone of SLV Health."

Eileen Lujan (Surgery) celebrated a remarkable 50-year milestone and was the star of the evening. She was joined by Sharon Langford (Ultrasound) and Zina Horton (Emergency) who celebrated 40 years! Lorraine Cummings (Women’s Health) danced her way down the red carpet to receive her award for 35 years, and there were 3 employees who reached the 30-year mark – Jason McGinnis (EMS), Lisa Larsen (Infusion) and Rose Medina (Radiology).

Other milestones were Brian Jackson (Antonito Clinic) and Maryann Martinez (Quality & Safety) celebrating 25 years, and eight employees marking their 20th anniversary! They are Ana Vega, Brenda Martinez, Debbie Olguin, Jacqueline Martinez, Jhoanna Marical, Kelly Bleakney, Melissa Trowbridge, and Shannon Gonzales. 12 employees celebrated 15 years, and 20 marked 10 years. 58 employees celebrated 5 years of service at SLV Health! Over 1100 years of service were celebrated over the span of 106 employees, the largest celebration ever held at SLV Health, which demonstrates a caring culture, dedicated workforce, and loyal servants of healthcare delivery.