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Ellie and Monica

San Luis Valley Health is happy to announce the new DAISY recipient, Ellie Garcia, RN!  She is pictured here with her supervisor in the RMC Emergency Department, Monica Hinds, RN.

signs banner

Ellie was more than surprised to be chosen as a DAISY recipient at SLV Health.  When the shock wore off a bit, she was all smiles!  When she signed the traveling DAISY banner, she commented, "I'm going to sign my name right by Taylor's because she has been my mentor."

DAISY awards are given for nursing excellence and can be submitted by co-workers, patients, and family members.  This family member wrote, "My dad came into the Emergency Department in Alamosa with sepsis.  The doctor/PA was very pessimistic. However, Ellie was a ray of sunshine.  She explained everything she was doing, taught me how to read the screens, and helped my dad feel comfortable with everything that was going on.  While we are still not out of the woods on his treatment, we are in a much better place than we might have been.  I think Ellie was a big part of that. Her positive outlook and true care for my dad was so apparent and we are truly grateful for her."

Former DAISY recipient, Kat Cummins, BSN, RN, on the right, read about the award and posed for a photo with the traveling banner.  Ellie is the second nurse in the SLVH RMC ED to receive this distinguished recognition.

roberta reading to ellie

SLVH Chief Nursing Officer, Roberta Bean, RN, read about the history and origin of the award.  She also read the nomination form to Ellie.  At the reception, Ellie met many of the nursing leaders and senior team members at SLVH.  She was also surprised when her husband showed up to support her.  The traditional cinnamon rolls were served and then Ellie jumped up high to place her name on the wall art for DAISY winners.