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2024 Nurse Graduation Dinner Celebration

On February 28th, 2024 - 23 Adams State and Trinidad State nursing students were celebrated at the SLV Health Nurse Graduation Celebration dinner.

Chief Nursing Officer, Roberta Bean, began the night praising the future nurses, “this is the greatest career to go into. There’s a reason nursing has been rated as the most trusted and ethical profession,” Bean commented.

Pictured: Roberta Bean welcomes three nursing students into the field with their new backpacks.

Hospitalist Justin Buchholz shared his story of what life has been like living with and being treated for epilepsy. He commented on how compassionate nurses have been the difference in his healthcare journey. “Don’t lose compassion, hold onto that.” He also shared his experience in working in healthcare and touching on what it’s like to fight the voices inside your head that doubt your ability to serve patients. “You deserve to be here, you’ve put in the hours, you’ve done the training, you’ve earned it.”

Nurse Practitioner, Daniel Sours, followed with his story in having had Hodgkins Lymphoma touching on the difference that his nurses have also had on his journey. As a nurse himself, Sours gave the advice of always staying curious, continuing to get advanced certifications, and to never stop learning and growing in the profession. “Be one in creating a healing environment, teamwork is important.” Sours finished with the importance of self-care in this profession. “You can’t pour from an empty cup, and self-care is not selfish.”

Pictured: Daniel Sours, FNP-C, speaks to the new graduates.

The SLV Health Nursing Directors gifted Lovevook backpacks to each graduate. SLV Health is proud of the work that these students have done to achieve becoming a nurse. Good luck fellow nurses, you will go far!

Trinidad State Graduates: Caitlin Cano-McGee, Jessica Espinoza, Alix Fullerton, Makayla Garcia, Charity Geoffroy, Anatniuq Gonzales, Kody Gray, Tava Harper, Tyler Hayden, Kyree Holman, Baylee Johnson, Audra Morris, Triston Pertile, Jasmin Solis-Ayala, Ana Vanegas.

Adams State Graduates: Brittain Eframo, Alyson Kleveno, Amanda Beecher, Kristin Smith, Jonna Murr, Megan Quinn, Nicole Reider, Kim Garcia.