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Alamosa, Colorado. San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) is proud to announce the addition of Coronary Calcium Scoring as a new service line in the Imaging & Radiology Services department at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa.

robyn and ct

Robyn Williams, Imaging Manager for the SLVH Radiology Department, by the CT machine that will be used in the Scoring assessment.

Coronary Calcium Scoring is a valuable tool in assessing the extent of calcification in coronary arteries. Quantifying calcified lesions provides clinicians with crucial information about a patient's risk for cardiovascular events such as heart attacks.

Low-dose CT scans, typically with doses below 1-2 mSv, ensure minimal radiation exposure to patients while still producing high-quality images necessary for accurate calcium scoring. These scans can be acquired using techniques such as ECG-triggered sequences or retrospectively gated spiral scans, which help synchronize image acquisition with the patient's cardiac cycle for optimal results.  See an image here of what this result may look like.

Numerous studies have validated the effectiveness of Coronary Calcium Scoring in monitoring changes in coronary calcium load over time. This capability enables healthcare providers to track the progression of atherosclerosis, adjust treatment plans accordingly, and assess the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing cardiovascular risk.

Recent studies have indicated that Coronary Calcium Scoring shows promise as a good risk assessment tool in women and multi-ethnic populations, and it may be a better predictor of coronary heart disease compared to more traditional cardiac risk evaluation methods. Coronary Calcium Scoring can also be used in a pre-surgical workup before performing cardiothoracic surgery.

Coronary Calcium Scoring plays a crucial role in cardiovascular risk assessment and management, providing clinicians with valuable insights into a patient's coronary health and aiding in personalized treatment decisions.

This service is being offered as Direct to Consumer, with the results going directly to the patient and no insurance will be billed. The cost will be $100. To schedule this procedure, contact the SLVH RMC Imaging & Radiology Department at 719-587-1231.  Download the DTC form here.