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Service Learning Toolkit

Our service-learning toolkit has information for both educators and community members interested in:

  • Understanding our current health care system
  • Learning about the Affordable Care Act
  • Inspiring advocates in their community.

Teacher Handbook

The Teacher HandbookThe teacher handbook provides resources for educators and community members who want to implement a Service-Learning project. Service-learning is a great tool for educators and schools who want to inspire students to be advocates for change in their community.

Handbook sections include:

  • Service-Learning 101
  • Four Lesson Plans
  • Who to Plan a Project
  • Additional Resources

Download the Handbook

Affordable Care Act Game

image for the ACA gameOur healthcare system is undergoing many changes. This game can help adults and students better understand those changes and how it affects American families.

The ACA game allows students to understand the impact of the new law through the eyes of different individuals who are representative of the way real people have and will be impacted by the law.

Download the Game

Access to Health Booklet

The Access to Health BookletThis booklet can help students and community members better understand how their health matters and how they can take charge. The booklet contains:

  • Health Care 101: Description of Federal and State reform efforts
  • Healthy Habits: Why and how to watch your weight, get moving, eat better, stop smoking, and prioritize prevention
  • Health Coverage: Description of options and where to learn more
  • Get Involved: Ways you can take action and make a difference

Download the Booklet