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"Yarn Bombers" Give SLV Health A New Touch

The walls of the second-floor Artrium at San Luis Valley Health’s Regional Medical Center are lined with beautiful works of art.  The entire room offers a special sense of tranquility, made even more special by the fact that the artwork that decorates it is produced by artists of the San Luis Valley.

Recently, the Artrium took on another type of artwork.   A group of 12 individuals that enjoy knitting and/or crocheting decided to give the bear sculpture and his fish an outfit made out of their own handcrafted works.  This fun and spontaneous act is called yarn bombing.   

“We were a group of crafters who got together by word of mouth, knit pieces over a two-month period, then met to “dress” the bear and his fish,” said Dr. Kris Steinberg, one of the 12 members of the group.  “We had not been part of a knitting group before and some of us had not met one another before.”

The bear and fish sweater was the group’s first yarn bombing event.  The group had so much fun that they may do more but the when and where will remain a surprise. 

“It was fun to be part of a creative project that formed spontaneously and evolved spontaneously,” stated Dr. Steinberg.  “We had a very, very good time.”

Watch the Yarn Bombing event at SLV Health unfold.