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CEO Martin Keynotes Lean in Lunch

Konnie Martin

Konnie Martin, CEO of San Luis Valley Health, was the keynote speaker for the third in a series of quarterly gatherings for SLV Women called "Lean in Lunch".  Ms. Martin gave an inspiring and entertaining account of her journey to becoming a hospital CEO, a position predominantly held by men. 

Within the message, Ms. Martin reminded the over 50 women in attendance that their goals and dreams are possible with hard work and the belief they can do it.  She noted that we can learn from the setbacks we face in life and encouraged those in attendance to have the courage to move forward and reach their goals despite them.

The Lean in Lunch concept came from friends and colleagues, Wendi Seger and Audrey Reich, to reach out to valley women offering networking opportunities and shared learning from stories of success and the road getting there. “Lean In” is a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, about women, work, and the will to lead.  

Pictured: SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin inspires more than 50 women with her story of how she became a hospital CEO.