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Cafeteria Prices Set to Increase by Five Percent

Effective January 1, 2015, the cafeteria at San Luis Valley Health will be raising the price per pound of food.

This 5% increase will see the cost go from $4.99 per pound to $5.24 per pound.

“This is the first time that San Luis Valley Health has raised prices in five years,” explained John Thompson, Director of Support Services.  “We see the cafeteria as a service that we provide to our customers and their families and friends, and this nominal increase in price helps offset costs so we can continue to provide that service.”

The increase ensures that the cafeteria can continue to provide employees and the public the best food possible. The kitchen continually purchases and proudly serves local food, which has become more expensive due to greater customer demand. 98% of the menu is cooked from scratch, with no added preservatives, so that diners can have a healthy, local and sustainable meal.

Currently, the average cost per plate for breakfast is $1.80 and lunch is $3.25. At the start of 2015, those averages will be $1.89 and $3.41, respectively. Despite the small increase, Food Services Director Mark Lara feels the cafeteria is still one of the best deals in town.  On average, Lara and his team serve well over 200 people per day.

“We receive compliments on a daily basis about the food and service we provide,” stated Lara.  “People from the community eat here on a regular basis, and we are glad to be able to serve them.”

The San Luis Valley Health cafeteria serves over 200 people per day.