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San Luis Valley Health Recognized for Overall Excellence in Outcomes

iVantage Health Analytics has recently recognized San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center for overall excellence in Outcomes. 

The recognition is provided to the top quartile of acute care hospitals across the nation.

In the categories of Risk, Value, and Performance, San Luis Valley Health achieved an overall percentile ranking of 81.1, meaning the organization achieved a higher ranking than 81.1% of acute care hospitals across the United States.

“We understand that there will always be room for improvement and embrace that challenge, but this is a nice recognition for the work that our teams are doing,” stated Greg McAuliffe, Chief Medical Officer of SLV Health.

Explaining Excellence in Outcomes

SLV Health’s percentile ranking in Outcomes was particularly noteworthy.  The percentile ranking of 93.2 means that SLV Health scored better than 93.2% of acute care hospitals nationally in Outcomes.  The Outcomes category is a pillar of the larger Value category that made up the overall rankings.

“This recognition our team has received is indicative of our commitment to using data and information to drive our progress,” said Kim Chacon, Director of Clinical Excellence.  “According to iVantage, ‘Higher scores in Outcomes reflect better overall clinical outcomes based on mortality, readmission, and patient safety rates,’ Chacon went on to say.”

“Despite the many challenges rural hospitals face in today’s healthcare environment, they remain a vital and integral component of the community,” said Michael Topchik, senior vice president of iVantage Health Analytics.

“The top quartile performers should be viewed as true market leaders. Through their commitment to performance analysis and improvement, they have established a blueprint for sustainability which other rural hospitals can follow.”