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Kicking Off the 2015 Wellness Program in Stride

San Luis Valley Health is kicking off its new Healthy Strides Wellness Program for 2015.

The program is designed to educate, inspire and motivate San Luis Valley Health employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Employees can track their progress and achieve their wellness goals by using the motivation website at

Yesterday, Wellness Program Coordinator Annika Braun hosted a Lunch and Learn for employees and educated them more about the program’s features and the new website.

“We are thrilled to bring this program to our colleagues and look forward to seeing the progress that they make,” said Braun.  “We would like to thank Konnie Martin and the Senior Leadership Team for helping make this possible.”

There are three tiers of incentives that allow program participants to earn a $200 bonus check three times per year. Each tier requires participants to do things like log exercise workouts and meals, complete fitness activities, and attend Lunch and Learns geared towards education on healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Strides is currently set up for employees, but there is hope to expand the services to the rest of the San Luis Valley community.

“Our goal is to share this with the community down the road,” stated Braun.  “The community will also be able to immediately participate in events like Lunch and Learns and wellness classes that are offered by our staff.”

Employees, if you have more questions about the motivation website and setting up your account, contact Wellness Coordinator Annika Braun at (719) 587-6382.

Would you like help with your 2015 Wellness Goals?  Contact Wellness Coordinator Annika Braun today at (719) 587-6382.