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Who Knew Hospital Food was this Good?

“When did hospital food get this good?? Steak dinner for me. :-)”

That was the Facebook post from Tyra Tapia when she saw the dinner prepared for her by the Food Services team of San Luis Valley Health. Tapia, an SLV Health patient who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, said the gesture made her feel special and appreciated.

That is just what Director of Food Services Mark Lara and Director of Obstetrics Sarah Herrera were shooting for in reinstating this idea. “We want to make our patients and their families feel like we care about them and want them to know they are important to us,” said Lara. “We put this idea into action because having a baby is a celebration. We want to do our part to contribute to that celebratory feeling.”

SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin agreed. “Having a baby is such a monumental moment in your life, and we love being a part of that celebration in a small way,” stated Martin. “Our team brings in a special order dinner, that the patient selects, and we do our best to have it be something unique that they can enjoy.”

Lara noted that the hospital served similar dinners when his own kids were born and wanted to bring that idea back.

“Mark is a wonderful Food Services Director,” said Martin. “Our team has embraced this idea. He and his team prepare great food for our patients and our staff.”

A former restaurant owner and lifelong chef, Lara is quick to give credit to the team that brings these ideas to life. He and his team regularly go above and beyond to provide outstanding catering to special events hosted by SLV Health and also put on fun events for employees to get together, most recently a Super Bowl Tailgate Party during the lunch hours.

“It felt like they were just going above and beyond to make me feel at home,” said Tapia. “I really appreciated everything they did.”

Come taste the food Mark and his team prepare! The cafeteria is open Monday through Friday, 11 am to 2 pm.