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SLV Health Recognizes Employee Service

Sixty-four employees were recognized by San Luis Valley Health for their years of service this week, culminating in a fabulous dinner for those employees and their guests Wednesday evening.

The celebration began on Tuesday afternoon in SLV Health’s beautiful Artrium, as employees who had been with the organization for five years enjoyed hors d’ oeuvres and were presented with commemorative certificates and pins by CEO Konnie Martin.

Employees who have been with the organization for 10 years or more and had just completed a year of service in 2013 that was a multiple of five (10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc.) were honored at the dinner Wednesday evening.  Those employees also received a certificate and commemorative pin, along with a small monetary bonus to thank them for all of their hard work.

“Our employees are the driving force behind all that we accomplish on a daily basis,” Martin stated in welcoming everyone to the dinner Wednesday night.  “Those that are being honored have shown incredible dedication to fulfilling San Luis Valley Health’s mission during their tenure.”

Each employee was introduced by their Department Director and many laughs were shared as stories were told about each employee and the unique dynamic they bring to their teams on a daily basis. 

The employees honored represented multiple departments across the organization, ranging from front- office staff to laboratory workers to nurses and physicians.  All hospitals and clinics were also represented by the group, demonstrating the strength of the organization as it merged with other healthcare facilities in the valley to form San Luis Valley Health last fall.

Altogether, the employees that were honored have dedicated a remarkable 648 years of service to the organization, signifying both the organization’s commitment to employee satisfaction and the level of experience and dedication that patients can come to expect while visiting SLV Health.

Pictured: Employees who have been with SLV Health for 10 years or more gather for a group photo following a wonderful dinner celebrating their accomplishments.