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ENT offers innovative services

Recently, Dr. Denard Ellison sat with a young patient.  His grandparents had brought him in to see Ellison, an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at San Luis Valley Health.  The grandparents were concerned over the swelling of the young man’s tonsils, something they had noticed recently. 

While the grandparents of the patient thought he might need to have the tonsils removed, Dr. Ellison calmly explained that because the patient was not experiencing any discomfort or significant illness due to his enlarged tonsils, a tonsillectomy would be unnecessary.  Ellison instead prescribed antibiotics to help with the swelling and helped in saving the family thousands of dollars for an unnecessary procedure.

Ellison, in his fifth year with SLV Health’s ENT Department, leads a team dedicated to providing innovative procedures that help patients with issues affecting the ears, nose, and throat. 

“It is very rewarding to be part of a department that brings a wide array of cutting-edge services to you,” stated Ellison.

The Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

One of those services is called Balloon Sinuplasty, a procedure Ellison has been performing since 2006.  Regarded by his peers as a pioneer in performing Balloon Sinuplasty operations, Ellison has performed numerous successful procedures over the past nine years.  He has seen tremendous results in treating sufferers of sinusitis,  a condition that causes the linings of your nose, sinuses, and throat to become inflamed.  This can be caused from a pre-existing cold or allergies.

“The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that gently opens blocked sinuses, restoring normal sinus drainage and function,” Ellison said in a recent interview.  “The procedure reduces bleeding and patients experience a fast recovery time.”

Other Services

The ENT Department also specializes in multiple other services, including the insertion of ear tubes, plastic surgery, and hearing problems.

Given that valley residents live in a large agricultural area, Ellison and the ENT Department also specialize in allergy treatment through a variety of practices and treatments.

If you are experiencing issues related to the ears, nose, or throat, we invite you to come and see our ENT Team and discover all that they can offer you.  Visit San Luis Valley Health to see a video showcasing the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and make an appointment by calling (719) 589-8025.