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"The Doctors" Patient Still Staying Strong

Just over a month ago, our community met Jaiden, a young man diagnosed with stiff skin syndrome.  Stiff skin syndrome is an incredibly rare connective tissue disorder that causes the skin to turn thick and as hard as stone.  Jaiden is just the 41st patient to ever be diagnosed.

Jaiden’s treatment in the Physical Therapy Department of San Luis Valley Health was documented on the popular TV show “The Doctors” at the end of January.  Many viewers were touched by Jaiden’s story, as well as all that his adoptive parents, Tim and Natalie, have done for him.

SLV Health wanted to follow up with the family and talk more about how Jaiden is doing.

Viewers may remember that one of Jaiden’s greatest assets is his resiliency and positive outlook and smile.  This continues to be the case. 

Unfortunately, his stiff skin syndrome has spread, and the chemotherapy that has been tried has not been effective.  That has not deterred the positive attitudes of Jaiden and his family, however. 

Impressed by the continued care they have received at SLV Health, Jaiden’s family continues to remain optimistic about his treatment and his getting better.  “We have had a great experience with the staff at San Luis Valley Health,” Natalie said.  “Everyone has been very accommodating.”

An integral part of that staff is Physical Therapist Liz Drake, who provides the physical therapy sessions that are part of Jaiden’s treatment.  Drake has been impressed with the family’s commitment to helping Jaiden from the beginning, saying, “The lengths to which the family has gone to support Jaiden are truly amazing.  They are rolling with the punches all the way around.”

As one might imagine, the costs for Jaiden’s medical expenses add up very quickly.  His family has set up a website where you may make a contribution.  That website is