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Giving in More Ways than One

Always looking to improve the experience of patients and their families, the employees of San Luis Valley Health collectively donated over $37,000.00 as part of a recent campaign to help people during times of need and to enhance their overall experience with San Luis Valley Health.

The funds came as a result of an Employee Campaign drive held in February.  Employees wishing to participate had the option of where they wanted to see their money go, and a significant portion of the money was directed to be used on projects spearheaded by the organization’s Foundation, who will now have the funding to accomplish their aims.

“I am very blessed to work with people who are so generous and giving,” said Kelly Gurule, Director of SLV Health’s Foundation.  “In the past 11 years, employees have donated over 400,000 dollars as part of this campaign.  This money has always been directed towards projects that enhance the experience patients and their families have while at San Luis Valley Health.”

Past projects have included purchasing televisions for the third floor of the SLV Regional Medical Center, as well as providing new wheelchairs for patients and a remodeled nurses’ station.  This year’s projects will include replacing TV’s in Obstetrics with special hospital grade TV’s and patient room updates, among others. 

These projects are carried out by SLV Health Foundation Ambassadors, a group of volunteers who dedicate their time to improving the overall experience of patients and their families.

Administration helps employees take care of their own

Another option employees had during the recent campaign was to donate paid days off to a bank where fellow employees could use them during emergency times of need.  This year, SLV Health’s Senior Management Team pledged to match the amount of donated paid days off.  Employees donated 388 hours of paid days off; making the total 776 hours after the Senior Management Team matched the donation.

Employees can now apply for those hours during times of need.  Since 2010, a committee of employees has reviewed and awarded 47 different applications submitted because of medical reasons, financial hardships, and several other reasons.

The project was started several years ago and SLV Health’s Director of Medical and Allied Recruitment Stacie Russell was the founding chair.  During Russell’s five years as the Chair of the committee, the team received a lot of support from administration in getting the project off the ground. 

“The team researched a lot of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Programs and implemented policy and procedures from there,” said Russell.  “We always received a tremendous amount of support from Administration and staff members alike.  We also had several programs that ranged from speakers that gave budgeting tips and parenting programs.”

Today, the committee remains focused on helping employees through those tough, unforeseen times and is grateful to have the support of its Senior Management Team, along with the generosity of all fellow employees.