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Patient Breathing Easy

Dr. Dennard Ellison has performed dozens of successful Balloon Sinuplasty procedures, alleviating uncomfortable symptoms patients had been experiencing.

One week ago, San Luis Valley Health patient Martha Moreno was having a fair amount of trouble breathing because of clogged sinuses.  Today, she is having a much easier time.

Moreno was the latest patient that has taken advantage of Balloon Sinuplasty, an innovative procedure offered at San Luis Valley Health by Dr. Dennard Ellison and the Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic.

Moreno was in surgery for just 10 minutes and was impressed by how quick the surgery lasted and by Dr. Ellison himself.

“Over the years, I have seen many doctors for various issues.  Dr. Ellison is one of the best doctors that I have ever met,” said Moreno.  “The procedure he performed was fast, and I am happy to say that I have recovered quickly.  I would be glad to recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from sinus issues.”

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that gently opens blocked sinuses and restores normal sinus drainage for patients suffering from a condition called chronic sinusitis.  It is used by surgeons like Dr. Ellison to treat patients who are not responding well to medications such as antibiotics, nasal steroids, or over-the-counter drugs and are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms.

By the Numbers

According to Acclarent, the company that develops the technology and equipment for Balloon Sinuplasty:

  • A multi-center study of 1,036 patients who had Balloon Sinuplasty reported that sinus symptoms improved in 95 percent of patients at an average follow-up of nine months.
  • Another multi-center study followed 65 patients who had Balloon Sinuplasty and reported clinically and statistically significant improvement in patient symptoms out to two years.
  • Ninety-five percent of patients who have had Balloon Sinuplasty say they would have it again.

Does this sound like something you have been experiencing or would like to learn more about?  Visit the Balloon Sinuplasty page to learn more, watch a video, and take the quiz to see if you would be a good candidate.  Dr. Ellison is also available to meet for a consultation and can be reached by calling (719) 589-8025.