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SLV Health Announces Four Additions to Leadership Structure

From left to right, Sarah Herrera, Vee McAuliffe, Shannon Muniz, and Ted Andersen are the latest additions to the SLV Health leadership structure.

The Senior Administrative Team of San Luis Valley Health is pleased to announce the addition of four new Department Directors.  Each staff member has been with the organization in a variety of capacities and will now direct a specific department within the organization.

“We are confident that these individuals will do a fine job in executing the tasks needed to make sure our teams are fulfilling the organization’s mission of becoming your trusted partners in health,” said Chief Clinical Officer Patti Thompson.  “Each of them has the support of staff, physicians and our Senior Administrative team and are a welcomed addition to the leadership structure.”

Vee McAuliffe

Vee McAuliffe took over as the Interim Manager of Infusion Therapy earlier in 2014 and will now assume that role as the permanent manager.  McAuliffe worked as a PRN nurse in the Surgery Department and most recently in the Infusion Center.   She brings over 23 years of experience as a nurse, with 13 years being served as an officer in the U.S. Army.  She recently completed her oncology certification and having worked in Infusion Therapy as a staff nurse affords the department the benefit of having a leader who knows the department and has many ideas on improving the environment and workflow.  McAuliffe also was recently certified as a sexual assault nurse examiner and takes call the SLVH SANE Program.

“We are proud to be able to bring cancer care and treatment to the residents of the San Luis Valley,” said McAuliffe.  “Our commitment to serving our patients close to home can be seen by our hiring of Dr. Cooper, the organization’s first-ever full-time Oncologist, as well as offering PET/CT scans on site.”

Ted Andersen

Ted Andersen has been the EMS Director since May 2005 and assumed the responsibility of Director of Emergency Services, Ambulance and Emergency Preparedness in the beginning of March 2014.  Ted brings a wealth of knowledge to Emergency Services having years of experience as a Paramedic, and continued to work the streets as a paramedic until about a year ago.  He has advanced training in mass casualty incident training and has done an exceptional job in the Emergency Department.

“Serving the residents of the San Luis Valley in this capacity is truly an honor,” stated Andersen.  “Our hospitals offer sound emergency care and our staff treats the responsibility of treating those involved in these traumatic situations with the utmost importance.  Therefore, it is an honor to lead this team.”

Shannon Muniz

Shannon Muniz has been with San Luis Valley Health for the past 12 years, with a majority of that time being spent in the ICU and in Medical Surgery.  Muniz will now assume the title of Director of Acute Care, ICU and the Swing Unit.  Muniz was recently nominated as a Nightingale Luminary, a top honor in the nursing field.

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to lead such a dedicated team,” said Muniz.  “I want to thank our Senior Administrative Team for showing their trust in me in this new role.  Our team will continue to do a great job.”

Sarah Herrera

Sarah Herrera has spent the majority of her nursing career at San Luis Valley Health.  During that time, she has served as a supervisor in the Operating Room and has served as the Interim Director of Obstetrics since September of 2013.  Herrera will now be the permanent Director of Obstetrics.  Sarah certified as a sexual assault nurse examiner and is the SANE Program coordinator and has been instrumental in getting the program back in service for our community. 

“This is an incredible opportunity, of which I am fortunate to be a part of,” said Herrera.  “Our organization is making some great strides to getting to where we want to be, and it is exciting to be a part of that mission.”