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Spirit of Community Key at CCH

Over the last half-century, a group of volunteers have given their time and talent to Conejos County Hospital in the spirit of making it a better place for patients and their families.  They call themselves the Auxiliary Club and through their generosity and commitment, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over more than 50 years to support CCH.

“The level of commitment that the Auxiliary Club has shown to our patients and their families has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Kelly Gallegos, CCH’s Chief Administrator.  “Much of the equipment that we have been able to purchase has come directly from the support of their efforts.”

The Auxiliary Club is made up of community volunteers that reside in the San Luis Valley, mainly in the South Conejos region.  They host an annual barbeque that includes a quilt auction to raise money for CCH.  Each year, they raise an average of 10,000 dollars from this one event.  One-hundred percent of the proceeds go to CCH.

“I do not think most people know how much work goes into this event,” stated Gallegos.  “The quilts are handmade and then donated by several religious organizations in the area, as well as by some of our own employees.  It is quite a process.”

In the past, equipment and projects funded include and EKG machine, physical therapy equipment, an ice machine, ultrasound equipment, and a crash cart to name just a few.

The quilt auction is an awesome sight to see, as the average quilt fetches around 300-400 dollars.  In one particular year, the auction became very spirited with one quilt selling for $3,000.

The Auxiliary Club’s success has helped CCH’s Foundation grow stronger over the past couple of years, and the CCH Foundation will now take over raising money for projects like those listed. 

Employees have also been inspired by all that has been given by the Club, as CCH employees donated over $17,000 for similar uses in the past six months alone. 

“The Auxiliary Club has brought the spirit of community that exists at CCH to life,” said Gallegos.  “They are a branch of the truly wonderful people that exist here in our community, both inside our building and out.”