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DOLA Awards CCH $400,000 Grant

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) will award the Board of County Commissioners of Conejos County, in partnership with Conejos County Hospital, a grant in the amount of $400,000.00.   

The grant will be awarded pending completion of program requirements.

"We have had the opportunity to partner with DOLA on past projects and appreciate their continued generosity around projects that support our organization," said SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin.  "Their continued support helps our efforts to improve access and provide quality healthcare services close to home for San Luis Valley residents."

The funds will be used to assist CCH with replacing its roof, as well as to purchase a replacement generator for the Hospital.

“We are beyond excited to have received this funding to complete this project,” said Kelly Gallegos, Chief Administrator at CCH.  “We were fortunate to partner with the Board of County Commissioners to secure this funding.  I think our partnership reflects how this is an important project for our entire community.”

In making CCH a safer, more welcoming place for patients, Gallegos and her team have led several renovations over the past year, but this will be the largest project completed. 

Gallegos made an announcement at a luncheon last Thursday on the CCH campus.  

"The opportunity to partner with the Board of County Commissioners of Conejos County to secure the funding for this vital project is one we are truly thankful for," said Martin.  "I would like to commend Kelly (Gallegos) and her team for proactively partnering with those in the community that share our goals and vision to make CCH a top-notch facility for our patients."