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Letter from the CEO

Konnie Martin

Dear San Luis Valley Health Patient,

Over the past two weeks, we have spent some time celebrating our employees.  Last week was National Nurses Week, and this week is National Hospital Week.  Our employees have been able to take part in some celebratory activities to remind them of how important they are to our organization and our community.

But why are our employees so important?  What purpose do they really serve?  The answer to these two questions is quite simple and straightforward.  You.  You deserve the best healthcare possible, close to home, and our employees are there to provide it.  That is what makes our employees so special.  They serve and take care of our most treasured asset: our patients. 

At San Luis Valley Health, we consider ourselves a partner in your healthcare experience, as well as a partner in your community.   As the largest employer in the San Luis Valley with over 600 employees, our reach extends into many organizations and businesses within the community.  Our patients are often our family and friends.  With an annual payroll of over 31 million dollars, our employees are able to contribute to the economic successes of the businesses and groups you work for, furthering the partnership in allowing them to support you.

We hope that you see this connection and our commitment to the community and take full advantage of all that our organization has to offer.  We are thankful for our employees and their unwavering commitment to excellence as we celebrate each one of them.  But beyond any one employee is a greater mission that we are truly thankful to be part of delivering excellent healthcare to you.

We thank each of you for making us who we are today and especially thank our incredible team for safeguarding the important tasks that we have been entrusted with.  Together, we are striving to breathe life into our slogan, Your Trusted Partner in Health.


Konnie Martin

CEO, San Luis Valley Health