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Education Committee Assists in Professional Development

As part of the 2014-15 San Luis Valley Health Strategy Map, the organization stated its commitment to Growth and Development of its employees as part of Strategy One: Magnet for Excellent People.

One of the ways SLV Health has committed to the development of employees is through the establishment of an Education Committee responsible for reviewing applications from employees for professional development.

“The Education Committee reviews applications from employees looking to continue professional development in their respective fields,” said Dawn Weed, Education Coordinator for SLV Health. 

At this point, 51 employees have been approved for assistance through the committee. 

There are four categories of assistance that employees can apply for: Higher Education, External Conferences, Internal Conferences, and Certifications.  Weed noted that Internal Conferences, or conferences SLV Health hosts, have provided the necessary education to employees, while also saving money.

After being approved and receiving the education, employees are then required to do a presentation and educate their fellow peers on the information they received.  This “pay-it-forward” model has allowed the committee to maximize its resources while getting more employees involved.

Jennifer Martinez, Medical Staff Coordinator at SLV Health, is one employee that received funding from the Education Committee. 

“It really shows the organization’s care and commitment to its employees,” said Martinez, when talking about the Education Committee. 

“We are pleased with the progress the Education Committee has made in delegating funding towards the growth and development of our employees,” stated Patti Thompson, Chief Clinical Officer of SLV Health.  “These educational and professional development opportunities allow our staff to continue their development and in turn, deliver on the promise of being Your Trusted Partner in Health.”