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Dr. Thom Miller Named to Board of Directors for ECC

The Early Childhood Council of the San Luis Valley has named San Luis Valley Health’s Dr. Thom Miller to its Board of Directors.  Dr. Miller is a Pediatrician that joined SLV Health in July of 2014.

“The Early Childhood Council probably does more to impact children in the San Luis Valley than any other organization,” stated Dr. Miller.  “As a pediatrician caring for kids in the community, I’m excited to become more involved and help in any way I can. I really believe a pediatrician's role is to take an active part in the wellbeing of children - whether that's at the doctor's office, at school, or at home with the family.”

According to the ECC website, one of the primary goals of the program is to “prepare children for learning and to make sure they are ready for school, even from infancy.” 

One of San Luis Valley Health’s four strategies for 2014-15 was becoming Providers of Choice for Healthcare.  In the pursuit of becoming the provider of choice, SLV Health recognizes the importance of collaborating with related organizations so that patients and their families view the organization as their Trusted Partner in Health.

“We were pleased to learn of Dr. Miller’s appointment to the ECC Board of Directors,” stated Konnie Martin, CEO of San Luis Valley Health.  “We are committed to ensuring children are successful from an early age, as demonstrated by our programs like Reach Out and Read and asthma management for pediatrics.”

“Dr. Miller’s appointment is a welcome bridge to an organization in the community that shares our commitment to the health and wellness of children,” Martin went on to state.

Dr. Miller and the Pediatrics Department can be reached by calling (719) 589-8004.