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San Luis Valley Health Continues Community Conversation

This past June, San Luis Valley Health invited several community stakeholders to Keystone for a Community Conversation event that discussed the changes that will occur in healthcare over the coming years. 

One of the themes that developed from that conversation was a desire to continue the dialogue that was shared as SLV Health begins to navigate the changes that were discussed.

This past Friday, SLV Health hosted over two dozen community stakeholders for a luncheon that expanded on the conversation that commenced in Keystone.  

SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin discussed how SLV Health is working towards improving the health of the community with both the traditional services of a hospital and Population Health/Wellness services provided by the organization.

“We were pleased with the turnout for our Community Conversation and would like to thank the participants,” stated Martin.  “Our team understands that transformation in healthcare must be done as a community, not to a community, and we look forward to continuing these conversations in future.”

Martin also discussed the organization’s commitment to embracing technology, noting SLV Health’s recent adoption of telemedicine and electronic health records.

For Friday’s event, SLV Health also hosted Gail Finley, Vice-President of Rural Health and Regulatory Policy at Colorado Hospital Association.  Finley gave a presentation that focused on some of the challenges that rural hospitals face and recognized SLV Health for proactively taking the initiative to involve community stakeholders in this discussion.

“I applaud San Luis Valley Health for engaging your community about the changes that rural healthcare faces,” Finley told the participants.