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San Luis Valley Health: Stewardship of Health Resources

Chief Financial Officer Shane Mortensen and members of SLV Health's leadership team developed the fourth strategy, Stewardship of Health Resources.

Over the last four weeks, we have introduced the strategies highlighted in the 2014-15 Strategy Map for San Luis Valley Health. 

Each of these strategies was developed within the context of our Vision, Your Trusted Partner in Health, and on the premise that our organization exists for our community.  Therefore, the essence of each strategy is what would best serve our community.  Our fourth strategy, Stewardship of Health Resources, is no different.

“We recognize that San Luis Valley Health and its resources are not ours and that we are charged with the caretaking of these assets,” explained Shane Mortensen, San Luis Valley Health’s Chief Financial Officer. 

Mortensen noted that he and his team consistently review options for maximizing the organization’s resources and what would be the best decisions when it comes to making purchases.  Guiding these decisions are good business practice measures that were used in the development of the Strategy Map. 

“We are a not-for-profit organization, but we still have to make money and maintain an acceptable operating margin to replace capital,” explained Mortensen.  “Our capital goes towards maintaining our equipment and facilities, as well as towards expanding services for the community.”

Within just the past year, San Luis Valley Health has added Oncology and Neurology clinics, as well as PET/CT scan equipment.  Additionally, the organization has brought on several physicians and physician assistants to meet the demand of the community.

The Oncology clinic and PET/CT scan equipment represent the organization’s commitment to the expansion of cancer services, the theme of this Saturday’s 11th Annual Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk/Run. 

“Events like the Stephanie L. Miner Walk are great because they allow the community to come together and be a part of what we are doing at San Luis Valley Health,” said Mortensen.  “It is exciting to bring healthcare services to a community and have that same community be a part of the process.”

This article is part of the series “Introducing our Strategy Map: 2014-15” for San Luis Valley Health.  This article focuses on the fourth and final strategy, Stewardship of Health Resources, that San Luis Valley Health will focus on in the upcoming year.