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San Luis Valley Health: Providers of Choice for Healthcare

CCH Administrator Kelly Gallegos

CCH Administrator Kelly Gallegos lead the development of Strategy Three: Providers of Choice for Healthcare.

The third section of San Luis Valley Health's 2014-15 Strategy Map is titled: Providers of Choice for Healthcare.  In this story, CCH Administrator Kelly Gallegos explains how the section was developed.

Creating Excellent Customer Experiences

One of the goals at San Luis Valley Health is to create excellent customer experiences, and the efforts to do that are highlighted in the third strategy of the organization’s 2014-15 Strategy Map: Providers of Choice for Healthcare.

“We are focused on providing services that residents of the San Luis Valley are in need of,” explained Kelly Gallegos, Administrator at Conejos County Hospital.  Gallegos and several members of San Luis Valley Health’s Leadership Team were responsible for developing this section of the Strategy Map.

Over the past year, SLV Health has added services such as neurology, oncology, and PET/CT scans, as well as several providers to meet the demand and needs of patients.

Engaging Patients and Families

As the third section of the Strategy Map was developed, it was done so with a patient’s experience in mind, as well as the experience of their families. 

Included in the development process was examining why residents of the San Luis Valley leave the area to receive healthcare services and how the organization can adjust to meet the needs of those individuals, so that they can receive high quality care close to home.  Additionally, Gallegos and her team looked at how the organization can better engage patients and families in their care.

“Family engagement is very important to outcomes,” stated Gallegos.  “We want our providers, patients, and patient’s families participating in healthcare decisions, and we are committed to having families help us drive where we go in the future.”

An example of how families may help drive where the organization goes in future include inviting families to share their experiences and insights through sitting on boards or committees. 

System Integration

An important piece of becoming Providers of Choice for Healthcare is San Luis Valley Health’s partnership with Centura Health, which allows for more seamless care because providers have access to other providers in the system. 

“This is another way we are becoming Providers of Choice for Healthcare,” Gallegos explained.  “Our providers are not isolated in the San Luis Valley but have partners across the Centura Health network and beyond to better serve our patients.”

Improving Community Health

The last component of becoming Providers of Choice for Healthcare involves improving community health through enlisting local businesses and community partners to engage them in the organization’s strategy and to become their Trusted Partners in Health. 

SLV Health is committed to providing community health and wellness programs around the health issues that affect the community the most.

The stories below represent SLV Health’s commitment to becoming Providers of Choice for Healthcare.

This article is part of the series “Introducing our Strategy Map: 2014-15” for San Luis Valley Health.  This article focuses on the third of four strategies, Providers of Choice for Healthcare, that San Luis Valley Health will focus on in the upcoming year.