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ROMP Receives 100%, Five-Star Rating

The San Luis Valley Health Regional Occupational Medicine Program (ROMP) recently received a 100%, five-star rating for the department’s latest Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Modified Duty reports. 

These reports are generated through Pinnacol Assurance, the workers’ compensation provider to over 55,000 Colorado policy holders.

“Our five-star rating is a tremendous accomplishment and should give patients added peace of mind when they visit San Luis Valley Health for a work-related injury,” said Tiffanie Hoover, Manager of the Occupational Medicine Program.

The overall rating is generated through evaluation of metrics such as the timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy of communication regarding the assessment and treatment of injured workers, translating into effective case management.  These ratings are then published on Pinnacol’s website, allowing patients to view the ratings of clinics in their area.

The providers that are evaluated include Dr. Susan Geiger, Dr. Kevin Rice, and Howard Cox, PA-C.

“I am proud of our team and the fact that we were able to achieve this rating,” stated Dr. Geiger.  “We are constantly striving to improve and make our department a place where patients feel safe, are given the best care possible and their cases are managed effectively.”

This article is part of the series “Introducing our Strategy Map: 2014-15” for San Luis Valley Health.  This article focuses on the second of four strategies, Very Best in Quality and Safety, that San Luis Valley Health will focus on in the upcoming year.