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CEO Konnie Martin Delivers Presentation on Community Conversations

As part of the “Redefining the H” campaign that has been launched by the American Hospital Association, hospitals across the country are exploring ways to communicate changes to their communities. 

Recently, San Luis Valley Health CEO Konnie Martin delivered a presentation at an online AHA conference to nearly 400 healthcare leaders from across the United States.

This past November, a group of two dozen community stakeholders took part in San Luis Valley Health’s “Community Conversation” event.  Martin touched on the importance of events like these as part of her presentation, particularly as the world of healthcare and the roles of hospitals continue to shift.

“Transformation in healthcare must be done as a community, not to a community,” Martin explained to the several hundred leaders that took part of the conference.  “Our first community conversation involved stakeholders from healthcare, finance, higher education, commerce, and small business.  We are looking to expand on that and bring even more people to the table.”

Martin was invited to be the guest speaker for this AHA event after leading San Luis Valley Health through its initial Community Conversation.  To sustain the conversation, Martin spoke about getting organizations across multiple sectors, including law enforcement, city and county leadership, and health care stakeholders involved.

“It is our responsibility to our community to ensure that San Luis Valley Health is equipped to become a system of the future,” said Martin.  “We will continue to leverage the input of our community stakeholders to ensure we undergo healthcare changes as a community.”

CEO Konnie Martin recently delivered a presentation on community conversations to nearly 400 healthcare leaders.