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Volunteers Donate Time and Talent

Volunteers were recently treated to a special luncheon as part of National Volunteer Week.

As part of National Volunteer Week, we would like to recognize our Volunteers at San Luis Valley Health.

In 2014, the volunteers of San Luis Valley Health donated over 4,323 hours, which saved the hospital $90,835. The volunteers not only greet patients, but they give back to the hospital by purchasing needed items such as a pediatric wheel chair, TVs for oncology patients and tables and chairs for families of new mothers. The volunteers were recently treated to a special lunch and thanked by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Greg McAuliffe, who thanked the volunteers and reminded them that they are part of providing excellent care to patients.

If you feel you would like to brighten someone’s day, join the team of volunteers by contacting Kelly Gurule at (719) 587-5707.