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SLV Health CEO Announces Leadership Addition

The announcement was recently made by Konnie Martin, CEO of San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) that Antonio Gurule would join the C-suite as Clinic Administrator. This addition is the first significant change on Martin’s Senior Leadership Team over the past two years since she became CEO, and represents the organization’s need to adapt in a highly complex health care environment with an eye on the future.  Martin stated: “Antonio is a welcome addition to a great Senior Leadership team. His experience in healthcare and his commitment to our Valley makes him a key leader in our organization. As healthcare evolves into a stronger continuum, the partnership between outpatient and clinic service and the more traditional hospital care requires a more robust connection. Antonio brings unique experiences that will move our teams forward during this transformation. I am honored to have his leadership on my team. “  

Gurule previously served SLVH as the Physician Integration Administrator, the Interim-Clinic Administrator since April, and completed his MBA in Health Administration from Adams State University last year.  Prior to his tenure at SLVH, he worked in community health in executive-level roles.

The veteran health care administrator joins the Senior Team with a clear aim to support the ongoing development of a system of care between SLVH’s clinics, inpatient facilities, ancillary services, and other community partners.  “When residents of the San Luis Valley (SLV) think about SLVH, they should see a system of care that can help all patients through a variety of services,” said Gurule of his vision.  As the only comprehensive, integrated system of care in the SLV—including five clinics, two hospitals, trauma, behavioral health, and ancillary services—progression toward seamless services remains the optimal goal.  “Ideally, SLVH should be able to support patients throughout the continuum of care beyond any one defined setting with a connection to information and communication, and health care professionals throughout the system, that supports personalized care to all patients.” 

Having worked alongside physician leadership, clinic staff, and hospital Directors, Gurule is excited to support the unique vantage points from different staff at a high level to better integrate and coordinate efforts.   “It’s critical for our organization to respond to the unprecedented changes we’re seeing in health care so that we can manage the sometimes competing forces and priorities in a way that makes sense in our organization and to our community,” said Gurule.   Having a strong team of physicians, nurses, support staff and clinic administration who consistently receive excellent survey ratings from patients, Gurule has led several improvement initiatives that supports these ideas the past several months.

A native of the SLV, Gurule brings a solid commitment to serve the community in a manner that improves the local landscape.  He understands the nuances of rural communities, the changing dynamics of the health care industry toward more outpatient demands, the importance of strengthening preventative health care services into traditional delivery systems, and the critical role SLVH plays in this southern region of the state.   “The future of SLVH is an important one, and a bright one, and I’m really excited to build on the improvements we’ve made for residents of the SLV.”