Surgical Dept. Adopts a Family for the Holidays

In years past the department has participated in other programs to adopt a family. This year they contributed to the SLV BOCES, “Adopt a Family for Christmas” program. This year, as a department, they raised over 700 dollars and were able to purchase coats, pajamas, towels, blankets, toys, shoes, bathroom kits and more. The department was very generous this year.  As a team,

 the group purchased and wrapped gifts. 

Wrapped Christmas presents

During the holidays, The Migrant Education Program searches for organizations who would like to sponsor a migrant family. SLV Health’s surgical department took it on themselves to make a difference in a family this holiday season.  As participants, the department was informed on specific details of the adopted family, such as number of siblings, ages, etc. They then decided to purchase the gifts for the members of the family, wrap them and have them ready for BOCES.

This is the type of thing we love to see as a company, especially this time of year! Great job to our surgical department you and everyone involved.