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Dr. Pilapitiya Moves to Alamosa Family Medicine

Dr. L. Nuwan Pilapitiya, who has been practicing in Family Medicine at the La Jara Medical Clinic for five years, will now be joining Dr. Sarah McAlpine, DO and Ed Kulp, PA-C in Family Medicine at the Stuart Ave. Clinic in Alamosa.

Dr. Pilapitiya and his wife recently celebrated the birth of a baby girl, and a desire to be closer to his family precipitated the move to Alamosa.  He has begun seeing patients in Alamosa.

"The opportunity to be closer to my family on a day-to-day basis was something that was important to me," explained Dr. Pilapitiya.  "I look forward to continuing to serve the patients and families that I have gotten to know over the past five years, as well as meeting new patients in this area."

"San Luis Valley Health has been nothing but a wonderful place to work over the past five years, and I remain committed to the organization and the community it serves," Dr. Pilapitiya went on to say.

The La Jara Medical Clinic will now be served by two providers, Dr. Amy Carpenter or Dr. Terry Reisner, both of whom recently joined the San Luis Valley Health team and are practicing in La Jara.

The Family Medicine Clinic in Alamosa can be reached for an appointment by calling (719) 589-8082, and the La Jara Medical Clinic can be reached at (719) 274-5000.