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Laboratory Tour Inspires Woman's Career Path

Casey Penland was recently named an American Proficiency Institute Scholarship winner.

When Casey Penland came to San Luis Valley Health’s laboratory for a tour, she had no idea that her visit would inspire a path towards a rewarding career.

“I have always been interested in medicine, science, and patient care,” stated Penfield. “It was not until I toured the San Luis Valley Health lab that I recognized medical laboratory science could combine my passions into a rewarding career.”

An Adams State University graduate, Penland currently attends The Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science and is doing rotations at Children’s Hospital in Aurora. She also works part-time at Metropolitan Pathologists in the molecular pathology lab.

“It is rewarding to hear our student tours provide a positive exposure which results in a career in the medical laboratory science field,” commented Mary Rice, Director of San Luis Valley Health’s Laboratories. “It is a pleasure to hear that Casey is doing well and was inspired by her visit to San Luis Valley Health. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Recently, Penland was awarded a scholarship from the American Proficiency Institute (API). She will take a board exam through the American Society of Clinical Pathology in June.

“Providing accurate information about the status and function of the body and its systems plays a significant role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease,” said Penland. “Healing starts with treating the cause, and as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, I will play a role in providing a means to those answers.”