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The Importance of Movement

Last Thursday, Dr. Carmelo Hernandez from the San Luis Valley Health Women’s Health Clinic hosted a “Lunch and Learn” presentation and presented on weight loss to over 60 attendees.

The theme of the talk was “Move”, and Dr. Hernandez emphasized that while healthy eating is important, regular exercise and movement is needed to lose weight.

“If your weight is not changing how you want it to, then you have to do something different,” said Dr. Hernandez. “What you’re doing right is not the problem. You have to flip the switch in your mind.”

Dr. Hernandez invited the audience to name different ways one can exercise, noting that there are dozens of ways people can be more active.  Dr. Hernandez also emphasized that exercise does not have to take a huge chunk of your time.  He cited his own exercise regimen, in which he lifts weights three times a week for 30 minutes and does aerobic exercises the other days. His diet emphasizes protein while minimizing fat and carbohydrates.

Towards the end of the presentation, Dr. Hernandez provided resources that are available to the public to help them track their fitness goals.  Those resources are being included at the end of this article.

Dr. Bethany Kolb, also a Women’s Health physician, will present the next “Lunch and Learn on April 23.”  The subject will be healthy eating and what foods do to your body.  Stay tuned to The Pulse for more information.

Resources that were shared at the Lunch and Learn include: