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OASIS Team Develops Covenant for Staff

Members of the Covenant OASIS Team sign the new covenant during Hospital Week.

As part of San Luis Valley Health’s new customer service initiative, Operationally Advanced Service Improvement Systems (OASIS) Teams were developed to support initiatives that are part of good customer service.

Recently, the “Covenant OASIS Team” developed a covenant for the staff of San Luis Valley Health. The Covenant was presented today at the Hospital Week Barbeque, and each employee will sign the document. Input from staff throughout the organization was used in the covenant’s creation.

John Thompson, Director of Support Services, leads the team along with Antonio Gurule, Provider Integration Administrator.

“We developed the covenant so that our team is on the same page with regards to expectations around good customer service,” explained Thompson. “Each employee is committing to fulfilling the different tenants that make up the covenant.”

Additional members of the Covenant OASIS Team include: Kelly Gallegos, Jen Clutter, James Martinez, Ola Bovin, Mary Rice, Ed Kulp, PA-C, and Dr. Amy Carpenter.

“We are working to create a culture that supports exceptional customer services,” said Gurule. “This is a project we undertook to give a framework of what our patients can expect, and what we can expect from each other.”