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2016 Rio Frio on Ice

Walk, Run, Participate and Donate for the 2016 Rio Frio on Ice. 

The Rio Frio on Ice will be held at the end of January and is "Star Wars" themed this year. There will be an ice sculpting festival plus two main races: Rio Frio 5K on Ice and the Fremont Haunt Race.The San Luis Valley Health Foundation will be raising funds in participation of the 2016 fest. You can help raise funds by registering as a team or individual and gaining sponsors or by simply making a donation! Be sure to donate to the San Luis Valley Health Foundation campaign in ties with the event. There is no registration fee so participating in the race(s) will only raise funds if you or your team is sponsored or if donations are made.

Saturday, January 30th will feature the Rio Frio 5K on Ice - the entire course is on the frozen Rio Grande River.

On Sunday, January 31st the Fremont Haunt race will debut - a 7 person team race depicting a fascinating story that happened in 1849 to John C. Fremont's fateful 4th Expedition.  

The races are considered sanctioned Hospital/community events and will count as credit for the SLVH Wellness Program.  

 At San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) the Foundation is committed to support and maintain the health care needs of the San Luis Valley. Funds raised from this event will go to help expand cancer services at SLVH. For every dollar donated, we will receive matching funds up to $1000.00. Thank you so much for helping us with our mission of "making exceptional healthcare possible."

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