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Baby Quilts Donated to SLV Health

Christine Heersink lived in Alamosa for over 60 years. Currently retired and living in Castle Rock with her husband, Christine sews baby blankets for Denver Health. She wanted to donate baby quilts to the Women’s Center nursery at SLV Health. “I have fond memories of the Valley and connections to (SLV Health) formerly SLV Regional Medical Center. Our daughter (Heidi Richardson) works for the hospital, my husband did a number of remodel projects there and all 3 of our children were born there.” says Heersink. “I hope there is a good use for the baby quilts, particularly to families that don’t have much in place to welcome a new baby.”

Pictured: OB Director Sarah Herrera (left) is pictured holding Christine's donated baby quilts along with nurses from the SLV Health Women's Center, A Place for Moms and Babies