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Thank You From Dr. Celada

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Maria, my family and I would like to thank the planning committee for throwing a wonderful retirement celebration for me.  Thank you to Kelly Gallegos, Michelle Gay, Tandra Dunn, Mark Lara, Daniel Dellosso, Debbie Thomas, Josie Villagomez, Rocky Villagomez, Meghan Gallegos, Mark Gallegos, Laura Dominguez and Brent Lehto for all that they did.

 Collage of images of Dr. Celada's retirement party

The details were amazing, from the invitations and decorations to the photo booth, the cookies of my caricature, the cake and wonderful music by Armando Valdez.  Thank you, especially, for the thoughtful gifts and roses for Maria.

Great Kitchen Staff!  They hustled and delivered food and drinks (y hielo ... hace calor!!). Many thanks to a great team of Melanie Romero, Azeneth Narvarez, Damian Espinosa, Douglas Chong, Maria Khokhetkum and Melissa Carrillo.

Maria and I are so appreciative!  I especially want to thank Konnie Martin, Greg McAulliff, Antonio Gurule and the other staff and board members for their presence at my party.  It really means a lot to us.

In gratitude,

Dr. Marco Celada