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CCH Thanks Conejos County Commissioners

The San Luis Valley Health Conejos County Hospital and Clinic Leadership team publicly thanked the Conejos County Commissioners and DOLA at a recent meeting for their collaboration on obtaining funding to install a new roof at the Conejos County Hospital in La Jara.  CCH Administrator, Kelly Gallegos, said, “It is because of partnerships like this that we were able to fulfill this dream of upgrading our hospital facility.  This new roof has made a huge improvement for our employees and patients.  The members of the Douglass Colony Roof Company became familiar with our staff and joined us for meals in our cafeteria.  They kept the project on time and on budget.  Three local contractors won sub-contract bids: La Jara Trading Post, AMG Sheet Metal Heating & Repair, and Mondragon Waste Hauling.”

Pictured from Left to Right are: Teresa Martinez, Conejos County Administrator; Michele Gay, Director of Rural Health Clinics; John Sandoval, Conejos County Commissioner, Kelly Gallegos, CCH Administrator, Brent Lehto, CCH Laboratory Supervisor; Steve McCarroll, Conejos County Commissioner; Tandra Dunn, CCH Director of Nurses; Mitchell Jarvies, Conejos County Commissioner; Jackie Rheaume, Grants Program Manager for SLVH and Christine Hettinger-Hunt, Director of Grants and Risk at SLVH.