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Over $20,000 was awarded to SLV Health Clinics

On the morning of Tuesday, August 1st, SLV Health was recognized for their efforts in reducing non-urgent Emergency Department (ED) visits.

Group of SLV Health staff

Over $20,000 was awarded by Integrated Community Health Partners (ICHP Colorado) to San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) clinics in La Jara, Antonito, Stuart Avenue, and at the Regional Medical Center for their continued effort in reducing non-urgent use of the Emergency Department, enhancing postpartum care, and increasing well-child visits. Overuse of Emergency Department visits results in billions of dollars in wasteful spending each year nationwide and SLVH is proud that the clinics are doing their part to reduce waste.

Additionally, SLV Health continues to strive to meet the needs of our patients in primary care clinics, with established primary care providers who can address acute, as well as preventative needs for children and adults, and help to keep the community as healthy as possible. Improving patient access, team-based care, and extended hours of service are a few the focused efforts to improve the ability to see primary care providers to address healthcare needs. Congratulations to all SLV Health staff who contributed to making this possible.