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"Adpot a Family" at SLV Health

Every year during the holiday season, SLV Health looks for ways to give back to the community. From toy drives, and donated gifts, staff is always eager to get into the holiday spirit and give back. This year, SLV Health partnered with Adelante Family Services, PALS Children’s Program of La Puente, and the Migrant Program to adopt 37 families this holiday season.  The programs each identified families that were in need of help. Case managers interviewed families and gathered information on what their families were in need of and what their children are “hoping” to receive this year. Some responses were, socks, underwear, snow boots, a Christmas tree, and to have “Happy and Healthy Holidays.”

As always, the response and support from the SLV Health staff is overwhelmingly generous and welcomed. Ressa Gonzales, Administrative Assistant at SLV Health, took the lead role in organizing the efforts along with support from the PS Management Team. Ressa shares, “Thank you to everybody who helped with this year’s event.  Thank you to each of the departments and individuals who took on the task of adopting a family and to those who assisted in wrapping gifts, to shopping, and everyone who participated.”