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SLV Health Nurse and Medical Provider Selected for Leadership Program

Misty Palaceos, RN, and Mallori Gariner, FNP,  of the SLV Health, Stuart Avenue Family Practice Clinic were recently selected for the Colorado Team Based Care Emerging Leaders Program.

The program is a mentorship and professional development opportunity for early and mid-career patient care staff and providers from the CO TBC Initiative practices – Audrey Reich Loy, SLV Health, Supportive Care Programs Manager, shared, “Both Misty and Mallori had to be nominated for the program. Nominators had to go through an interview process, and only a select few folks were chosen. This is a big honor that is going to bring incredible benefits to our practice.”

The Emerging Leaders Program recognizes the increasing importance of team-based primary care for the effective and efficient delivery of care, the CO TBC Emerging Leaders (EL) program aims to accelerate the development of talented primary care staff that can positively impact their practice organizations and serve as spokespeople and exemplars for others in similar roles.