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SLV Health Gives Back During Thanksgiving

This year the SLV Health Food Drive was able to collect over 3,000 items of food to donate to the 14 food banks throughout the San Luis Valley. 2,680 of the 3,000 collected food items were used to assist in making a total of 860 Thanksgiving boxes to give to families for Thanksgiving and the remaining was used to restock their shelves after the holiday.

Each SLV Health location and department contributed, donating food items to the "Thanksgiving in a Box" food drive.The Medical Staff at SLV Health donated $750.00 to the San Luis Valley Food Bank Network for the assistance of purchasing the turkeys for the Thanksgiving boxes. The San Luis Valley Food Bank Network sets a goal each year to make 500 to 700 Thanksgiving boxes. With the help SLV Health and other organizations, they exceeded their goal and were able to give out an additional 160 Thanksgiving boxes.

Daniel Dellosso, Admistrative Assistant at CCH, stated, "This month we started the Food Drive by gathering volunteers at the La Jara and Alamosa Food Banks to assist in handing out the donations and making the donation boxes. At the La Jara food Bank we assisted in handing out over 300 food boxes. At the Alamosa Food Bank we assisted in making 860 boxes, which went to all the food banks in the San Luis Valley, and handed out 316 boxes on Nov 18th. We had the assistance of over 60 employees and family members of SLV Health at the volunteer opportunities. The determination and support of SLV Health helped make this an amazing event and we want to thank each department for your assistance in bringing in the items for the Thanksgiving boxes and general food donation."

We can't express how thankful we are to have such a great team to work with and we wanted to thank everyone for your help.