SLV Health Donates Free Flu Shots to Alamosa County Jail

Alamosa County Sheriff Robert Jackson receives his flu vaccination from Ramstetter

Alamosa, Colorado. On February 8, 2017, Julie Ramstetter, SLV Health RN and Trauma Coordinator, assisted Kelly Bleakney, RN for Alamosa County Sheriff and PRN for SLV Health in providing over 100 free flu shots to staff and inmates. Free Flu Shots were donated by San Luis Valley Health. 

Jail flu shot/Kelly and Cody

Observing and assisting was ASU Nursing student Cody Addleman

Bleakney remarked, “This was such a great service.  A flu outbreak in jail is a nightmare for us, especially with our crowded conditions. We appreciate the donated vaccines along with other supplies that help us serve this population.” Ramstetter commented, “Everyone was cooperative and thankful for this service.  We have a very good relationship with the leadership at the Alamosa jail.”

Jail flu shot

Bleakney and Ramstetter pose here with Deputies Angela Lobato and Enrique Maez