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SLV Health Recognized for Award Winning Service Excellence Program at National HealthCare Conference

awards ceremonyMarisa Fricke, (middle) accepting the National Program Director Award with CLS, CEO, Brian Lee (right) and Conference Chair Pat Goodberry-Dyck (left)

On February 8, at the 2017 HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, in Long Beach, California, San Luis Valley Health was awarded 13 Awards. 

11 Outstanding Achievements in Breakthrough Awards were presented to SLV Health as well as nominations for the Service Excellence Council, Provider/Physician and a nomination and win for Program Director.  SLV Health is now in year 3 of the Service Excellence program, implemented in 2014 to provide evidence based solutions to increase patient care and safety.

Marisa Fricke, Service Program Director of San Luis Valley Health previously achieved Pinnacle status but was elevated to Summit Status when she was named the 2016 National Recipient of the Program Director Summit Award at the HealthCare Conference.

Nuwan Pilapitiya, MD of San Luis Valley Health was recognized as a nominee for the Customer Focused Physician/Provider Pinnacle Award and the 2016 Service Excellence Council at San Luis Valley Health was nominated for the Service Excellence Council Summit award.

San Luis Valley Health was awarded 11 Breakthrough Awards for outstanding achievements in Healthcare Service Excellence based on patient experience (HCAHPS) scores and the increase in rating over the course of one year from quarter 3 in 2015 to quarter 3 in 2016. 

production team with awardThe SLV Health TBV Production Team is pictured above. (From left to right) Daniel Quintana, Marisa Fricke, Chad Chavez and Christian Harmsen

San Luis Valley Health also won first place for the 2017 “Team Bragging Video” (TBV) Award for their video submission on patient care where they highlighted the exceptional service and outstanding patient care offered at San Luis Valley Health featuring patients as the organization’s superheroes. 

staff receiving awardsSLV Health Program Director, Marisa Fricke and Chief Nursing Officer, Patti Thompson hold a few of the accolades awarded to SLV Health

Breakthrough Awards

Gold Awards:

  • Progress towards Patient’s Goals’

Bronze Awards:

  • Hospital Environment – Clean
  • Hospital Environment – Quiet
  • Recommend the Hospital
  • Registration Process
  • Total Time Spent Waiting

Emerald Awards:

  • Staff Explained Purpose of New Medication
  • Helped by Visit

Ruby Awards:

  • Staff Communicated with Designated Family Member or Friend
  • Clear/Complete Discharge Instruction
  • Received Care Within 30 Minutes (Emergency Department)

Pictured: SLV Health Employees and Conference Attendees Accepting Awards at the National HealthCare Conference in Long Beach, California