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SLV Health Volunteer Program Benefits Local Animal Shelters

As a part of an ongoing volunteer event, through the month of February, San Luis Valley Health focused our attention on our furry friends. The whole month was dedicated to offering our resources to local animal shelters through various outlets. 

team walking dogs

Marge with cat donations

Marge Hauer from "Cats Alive" picking up donations from SLV Health Chief Nursing Officer, Patti Thompson(Middle) and Marisa Fricke, Service Excellence Director (Right)

On February 17 and 18th, SLV Health employees and families volunteered to walk dogs at the Humane Society of the San Luis Valley. Throughout the month of February, donation boxes were placed at each of the SLV Health locations and employees were encouraged to donate items including dog and cat food, paper towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, cash donations were also accepted. An estimated 2,000 items were donated!

SLV Health staff also had the opportunity to enjoy some exercise and fresh air, by our partnership with Pam and Diana at the Valley Humane League. 

group with pet donations

Cynthia Sweitzer of the Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista picking up donations with SLV Health Staff

Volunteers helped furry friends get some time out of their cages and offered warm companionship. As a component of the volunteer opportunity, employees were able to receive credit for the SLV Health Wellness program implemented at San Luis Valley Health.

Thirty-three staff walked, played and socialized with the loving dogs and puppies that are currently waiting for their forever home. The walk-a-dog event happened to fall on national Pet Adoption week- we learned that over 5 pets were adopted that day- 2 of which were adopted by SLV staff!

pet registration tableMarisa Fricke, SLV Health Service Excellence Director (Left) and SLV Health CEO, Konnie Martin, pictured above with Alamosa Police Officer at the Pet Registration Table set up in the Hospital Lobby

puppies in shelterSLV Health's Volunteer program also teamed up with the Alamosa Police Department on February, 22nd helping the community gain access to get pets registered. Officer Earls and Officer Anderson of the APD came on site to help register pets.

This registration process allowed dog owners within the Alamosa city limits, to file the appropriate vaccination documentation and contact information with the city. Not only is this a city ordinance, but it also helps owners in case their dog is found.  In just a few short hours over thirteen dogs registered that day thanks to the help of our SLV health volunteers. 

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and love to these pets and to our Volunteer Program.