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Ron Purcell, American Hospital Association, Visits SLV Health

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Ron Purcell, American Hospital Association Region 9 Policy Board Executive, visited with over 40 leaders from San Luis Valley Health, including trustees, directors, senior team and managers.  Mr. Purcell’s area covers the Rocky Mountain region, and he aims to visit the hospitals in these states as often as possible: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  Ron discussed the changes and challenges facing the hospital association and mentioned that they lobby for regulatory relief as much as possible. Their main activity is advocacy, detailed more on their web-site:  Ron was complimentary of SLV Health’s hospitals and clinics and took time for a tour before the presentation where he met quite a number of directors. He appreciates input and from the grass root level. Konnie Martin, CEO and Karla Hardesty, Board Chair, are currently serving terms in their respective roles as small/rural hospital delegate and trustee delegate to the board.