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From Military to Health Care Service

On Friday, November 10, 2017, at noon, the public is invited to attend a free lunch sponsored by San Luis Valley Health. SLV Health would like to recognize our employees who have also served in the military with a presentation by a panel of employees on the theme of “From Military to Healthcare Service.”  Presenters will be Dr. Thomas Miller, Dr. Carmelo Hernandez, Danny McDaniel, Francis Song, and Billy Werner.  There are over 25 employees at San Luis Valley Health who have either served or are serving in our military.  Bulletin boards will be decorated across the organization during the month of November to highlight these dedicated individuals, as well as brief stories published in the company newsletter.

Dr. Miller is a Pediatrician who served for seven years in the Navy. Dr. Hernandez is an OB/GYN Provider and Surgeon who was a Captain in the Air Force. Danny works in the IT department and served in Operation Earnest Will, 1987. Francis was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and works in the Emergency Department as a Technician. Billy is a Surgical Technician and served as a Specialist in Iraq and has received a Purple Heart.

On Saturday, November 11th, after the Veterans Parade in Alamosa, there will be free attendance/parking for all Veterans and a guest at the Adams State University Football game and pre-game tailgate with half-time recognition, where SLV Health is the Corporate Sponsor.

Please join us in recognizing our Veterans on Friday at the SLV Health Education and Conference Center, 1921 Main Street (former Grizzly Inn). 

Please contact Donna Wehe with questions at (719) 587-1209.